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A state-of-the-art HR Automation Platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). OptraHR empowers you to proficiently automate HR processes through intelligent, digital interactions, thereby providing your HR professionals the opportunity to dedicate their efforts to matters of paramount importance—namely, your workforce and strategic initiatives.

We streamline numerous typical HR situations such as

  • Automation of service desk inquiries
  • Facilitation of career transition mentoring
  • Management of training and development initiatives
  • Administration of employee benefits, and a host of other functionalities
  • OptraHR works on your documents
  • We offer seamless integration with your pre-existing systems such as Jira, Udemy, Moodle, Salesforce, and many more

Conversational AI using LLMs

OptraHR doesn't just automate tasks; it engages in intelligent, digital conversations with your employees. It understands context, provides empathetic responses, and guides employees through complex HR processes in a friendly and approachable manner.

With OptraHR, HR professionals can focus on what they do best, while employees benefit from a more interactive, efficient, and personalized HR experience. It's the future of HR, and it's available now with OptraHR's conversational AI.

Human Capital Management

CoreHR Modules

IT Desk Automation

Reduce response times, lower operational costs, and enhance the overall quality of support.

Career Transition

Automated personalized guidance and support to individuals seeking new professional paths.

Employee benefits

Dynamic resource, allowing employees to quickly find information, receive updates, and access guidance on company policies and procedures.

Employee Wellness & Health

Personalized recommendations helping employees make informed decisions to improve their physical & mental well-being, ultimately enhancing workplace productivity & satisfaction.

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