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Wednesday March 8, 2011

A mother, a sister, a wife and above all a winner in everybody's eyes.

Optra celebrated International Woman's Day and was delighted to see a bright smile on every woman's face. It was a pleasure to get a sight of the views on liberalization and how special women are from every female member of Optra family.

All the girls agreed that "Since ages, women have been great multi-taskers and it is this in-built efficiency which helps them to manage work and home with such a great perfection." The glass ceiling appears to be shattering in every commercial sector including IT. The gender divide is slowly disappearing!

Everyone was unanimous in the thoughts that every woman needs to realize her strength of the inner self and which when awakened could bring about a faster and a more permanent transformation in a woman as well as in the society she lives in. Today the working young women appear to be as ambitious as men when it comes to eagerness to climb the career ladder. It is proven that women really are more than just homemakers. There is no success or failure in life. It is a question of how well a given opportunity is used for everyone's benefit.

At Optra we understand that a working woman faces a lot of domestic hiccups and often has to make a tough decision between work and home; "Flexible working hours and a friendly leave policy" help them juggle roles. We are trying to bridge the gap by hiring more women and bringing forth women-friendly policies.

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