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September 28, 2016

Webinar: “Expediting Precision Medicine Initiatives for Clinical Genomics and Pharma Through the Use of Knowledge Automation and Analytics”

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Advanced research is generating novel data at an unprecedented rate making manual analysis a time consuming and inefficient endeavor. Knowledge Automation with Analytics powered by NLP and machine learning gives researchers the ability to quickly mine, analyze and train data to derive insights into their Precision Medicine initiatives, allowing for expedited, accurate and reproducible outcomes. Optra Health has developed a Knowledge Automation and Analytics Platform for Precision Medicine, from which we will be demonstrating specific applications.

  • Why Knowledge Automation is critical to realizing Precision Medicine initiatives
  • iPhronesis Knowledge Automation applications in:
    • Clinical Genomics—Tumor profiling, variant detection, clinical reporting and more
    • Pharma—Drug repositioning, in-silico drug design, drug discovery, drug toxicity and more
  • How to implement Knowledge Automation and Analytics for rapid ROI

Hosts: Dr. Scott Kahn PhD, Chief Strategy Advisor, Optra Health

Dr. Kahn most recently served as VP for Illumina's Enterprise Informatics group and Chief Information Officer, leading all scientific software, bioinformatics, and IT initiatives. He was also an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Urbana-Champaign.

Dr. Ashwin Kotwaliwale MD, PhD, Product Manager, Knowledge Automation, Optra Health

Dr. Kotwaliwale has over 15 years experience in biomedical informatics. Trained as a medical doctor and then transitioned into bioinformatics, Dr. Kotwaliwale is involved in technology and domain initiatives developing business requirements and innovative solutions.

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