In order for the world’s leading academic research institutions and pharma companies to act on their organizational initiatives and stay competitive, they need to implement a proper technological infrastructure that will systemize their data.

Optra Systems has enabled leading pharmaceutical, life sciences and academic medical centers to realize their business goals through the custom application services we provide. Our application development services include algorithm development for complex biological systems, tools for gene annotation, identifying biological pathways and developing powerful graphical user-interfaces (GUIs). Optra leverages its deep domain expertise and close working model to develop and customize applications that provide strategic benefits and cost-saving advantages to our customers.


Optra has delivered numerous projects in the Life Sciences sector for top pharmaceutical, academia and technology providers:

  1. Genomic Annotations System
  2. Gene Set Enrichment Analysis System
  3. Systems Biology Framework
  4. Blood Lab Management System
  5. Cheminformatics
  6. GUI Development

Optra Systems partnered with a leading US academic research university to develop a sophisticated system to re-annotate all gene expression / proteomics data from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) by relating all probe IDs to Entrez Gene IDs. The web-based system allows users to access the decoded gene expression database and compare platforms to annotate existing platforms and compare novel platforms with API functionality for 3rd party interfacing.

The Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) system applies a method to calculate an "enrichment score" for up- and down-regulated genes (separately) in the gene signature (query signature). The user uploads query signature data, which further gets compared with the already existing developmental time series (DTS) data. A DTS is generated from the time series data of the microarray experiment. Based on this comparison, DTS ranking is calculated using gene expression values and principal component analysis (PCA). This data is further used for GSEA.

Optra Systems developed a framework for exchanging data between independently developed software tools and databases to enable interactive exploration of systems biology data. Optra's systems biology solutions enable researchers and scientists to investigate complex biological systems. We develop tools to identify intricate biological pathways using genomic, proteomic, transcriptomic and metabolic data.

The Blood Lab Management System is an application database suitable for combining phenotypic reference data and genotypic data within the context of studies. Using this platform, researchers within the diagnostic labs division of the blood center can then investigate the accuracy and specificity of selective SNP genotyping as a preferential means of determining donor blood type.

Our team has proven its expertise in the development of applications that are customized to users' needs and perfectly integrated into their companies’ workflows. Our solutions are designed to enhance the productivity of experimental and computational chemists by providing access to diverse decision support tools in a seamless and user-friendly environment.

  • Database Design – Structure and data warehouse design, integration of multiple database platforms: Oracle, MySQL, DB2
  • Structure Mining - Structure manipulation and structure display, structure encoding and custom-designed descriptors
  • Data Mining - Data Analysis, Data Modeling, Data Selection
  • Reaction Mining - Reaction Design, Reaction Prediction
  • Synthesis Design - Synthesis design of organic compounds, design of combinatorial libraries
  • Software Design, Implementation and Integration - Client-server applications, multiplatform standalone applications

From basic database design to API and GUI development services, the expert team at Optra Systems can provide powerful designs for viewing and working with your custom data.

  • Envision, design and implement customized, user-friendly and functionally sound U14 for healthcare applications, medical and diagnostic instruments
  • Robust process driven hardware, automation, functional system and regression testing infrastructure with post-silicon validation
  • End-to-end new application development from ideation to prototyping along with configuration and installation
  • Level 1, 2, 3 post-sale web- and voice-based support for any defect fixes or enhancements
  • Process compliance consultancy providing GMP (good manufacturing practice), process validation and qualification

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